Interpersonal Skills for Maintaining Good Relations

Interpersonal skills are simply a reflection of your inner self. The subconscious mind is where these values are conceived, which animate your social and personal outlook. These skills are not taught deliberately, they develop gradually right from our birth. They concrete with observing and learning through our upbringing, social environment, and through abilities to define the good, bad, and ugly, in our lives. Basic interpersonal or social skills can be portrayed as communication skills, soft skills, they define how we carry ourselves, the way we talk, the kind of respect we have for ourselves and others around us. Our abilities are to listen and understand. These skills are precisely the riggers of our attitude. The qualities of listening, leadership, understanding, appreciation, and interacting with others, contribute to interpersonal skills.

How do Interpersonal Skills Help You?
Assertive communication skills make you approachable and positive, give you a better image at work and in your career, help you grow, and reduce stress and conflicts.
They make you comfortable and leave you with a sense of ease to new exposures and interactions with people.
You will have a better self control, and the ability to make quick and apt decisions, with good interpersonal skills.
Building social skills will gradually help in enhancing your relationships with the world around.
List of Interpersonal Skills

Positive personalities and interpersonal communication skills are a requirement in most of the organizations and companies today. Go through these roots of development, you can improve or implement these ideas within yourself.

Generous Greetings

Be a sport and greet whenever you enter your organization or any other social event, it creates a cheerful and lively impression. In corporate offices, it is mandatory to do so, however, even if nobody else bothers to, you do it. Wish your colleagues, whenever there is an occasion, and if you work in a multi-cultural environment, make sure you exchange wishes. People would appreciate your respect and wisdom of thought.

Facial Expressions and Body Language

Reflect a positive image and attitude when talking or meeting people. Always keep a smile on your face! Nobody likes a sulky, or a depressive and odd face. Stand and sit confidently, do not sulk or stand with a hunch. Stop twiddling with your hair, toe-tapping and fidgeting, maintain a decent body language. Make eye contact whenever you talk to somebody, it sure creates an impressive and confident mark. Relax and even if you are stressed with an important meeting, take a deep breath. Don’t be nervous and stay calm.