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Business children who can earn money

Business activities for kids are much more than simply methods of earning some cash. They contribute to kids’ development of problem-solving skills, social and communication skills, financial responsibility, self-confidence, and other skills, which would be beneficial when they grow up. There are several easy business ideas for kids, which can be used for starting a remunerative, as well as interesting, business activity. Children can take up simple business activities according to their capability to handle work.

Lawn Cleaning and Outdoor Services

Outdoor jobs are a great option for kids who do not like monotonous work. During the spring season, this job normally includes pulling weeds, tilling, sowing, and planting. In the autumn season, this work comprises gathering leaves and putting down mulch, whereas during winter, it may include shoveling snow. With some number stencils, a can of bright-colored paint, and a brush, kids may provide door-to-door services in painting house numbers on drives.

Errand and Assisting Services

Kids can opt for providing a general errand service, such as picking up groceries or posting letters in the post office. They can also choose to work as party assistants or garage-sale assistants, or any similar profile. The services which are expected from such small jobs are needed largely in event planning. Kids can certainly get a lot of experience regarding talking to people, and organizing things properly.

Car Wash

This is the best alternative for children with a lot of energy and willingness to earn money, but with no desire for planning. The things they would require is access to a parking lot, sufficient water, car soap, sponges, etc. For attracting customers, they can distribute handbills in their locality. This is a great way for making some good pocket money.

Pet Sitting

The loving behavior of children with pets can be used for starting a pet sitting business. This is a great business, especially in summer time when people are away from home on a vacation and do not prefer to take their pets along or put them in a kennel. Kids have the option of starting this business which includes feeding, walking, washing, and grooming dogs and similar pets, or feeding and taking care of fish.

Arts and Crafts

If your kids are good at arts and craft, they can opt for selling their work. They can arrange for a stand in a busy area or ask around at smaller craft shops to determine if there is any possibility to sell their finished crafts on consignment. If kids are experts in making crafts, they can make products that are more likely to sell, like beaded jewelry, handmade greeting cards, candles, soap, etc.

Social Cost Benefit Analysis

Social cost benefit analysis is a part of calculating the merits of a project or a government policy. As the name suggests, social cost-benefit analysis of anything is associated with its social impact. This means that how a project or a policy will affect people is analyzed. Only after calculating the opportunity cost of a project, it is approved.

The scope of social cost benefits can be applied to public investment and also to private investment. In case of public investment, it plays a major role in the economic development of a developing country. And, in case of private investments social cost benefit analysis is important as investments are to be sanctioned and are monitored by the government. There are two aspects of calculating the cost benefit analysis of any project. One is the private cost-benefit analysis and the other is social cost-benefit analysis. Though, social cost-benefit analysis is usually undertaken by the government.

Social cost is often in contrast with private cost. Major differences between social cost benefit analysis and private cost benefit analysis are as follows:

1. In social cost benefit analysis, not only profit but also other effects like how will it affect life of others are considered. Whereas, in private cost benefit analysis, the focus of the analysis is on maximizing profits.

2. For calculating social cost benefit, market prices for the factors to be considered cannot exist. Therefore, market price is not the main factor taken into consideration while calculating social cost benefit. Whereas, for private cost benefit analysis market price forms the base of the analysis and the key factor that determines if a project is viable.

Social Cost = Negative Impact
Social Benefit = Positive Impact

Social cost benefit analysis has been introduced to develop systematic ways of analyzing cost and benefits of factors which do not have market prices, like effect on environment and traffic. Social cost-benefit calculates non-monetized benefits/ losses. It is normally used for large fund projects like constructing a dam, a road. Such projects have higher social cost-benefits and also affects the price level to an extent.

Example: If a bridge is to be constructed then how much will it benefit the people who live in that particular area, is to be analyzed. Therefore, how many people are willing to use the bridge, how much traffic will be reduced and what is the increase in cost of traveling, will have to be assessed as a whole to come to a conclusion. Suppose, if people are not willing to use the bridge if the cost of traveling from the bridge is $5 and if $7 has to be charged per vehicle to make this project feasible, then the government may consider dropping the project out.

Cognitive Resource Theory of Leadership

Cognitive resource theory was propounded by Fred Fiedler, Vecchio and Joe Garcia as a re-conceptualization of the Fiedler Contingency Model of leadership. This theory discerns that stress can be a factor that prevents an intelligent leader from being efficient. As per this theory, there is no ideal leader. Leaders are said to be either task oriented or those who prioritize human relationships; but leaders are required to deal with various situations and different stress levels. This theory will be explained in three parts, which are as follows.

Cognitive Resource Theory in Brief

Effect of Stress
Cognitive resource theory states that, an intelligent leader or a leader with a high IQ can work efficiently under low stress situation. This is because the stress impairs a persons ability to think effectively. As an intellectual person will seek for rational solutions but, not all problems have rational solutions and that is why he may not be resourceful.

In a high-stress situation, a person with lower IQ level but more work experience will be able to lead better. Similarly, the theory indicates that a leader with higher IQ/ intelligence will perform better than a more experienced leader in low-stress situations. This is because an experienced leader will rely more on past occurrences and experiences than being able to think out of the box. His experience, in a way, becomes his way of reacting to a stimulus. On the other hand, an intelligent leader will be able to use his intellect to seek solutions.

Directiveness and Group Support
An intelligent leader gives intellectual effort in planning, rationalizing, decision-making and in making strategies to solve a task. Also, he needs to be an efficient communicator to instruct and guide. An intelligent leader seeks support from his team and depending on the level of stress and his relationship with his team members, decides how efficiently he will be able to deal with a situation. If he is not in good terms with his team members then his leadership qualities maybe blocked out. When in stress, intelligence does not help and that’s when a forceful commanding ability is required. Hence, a leader must be directive. Without the support from his team members, a leader cannot act efficiently and that depicts dependency.

Behavioral Implications
It was tested in the theory, that more-intelligent leaders spoke more when in high stress than less intelligent leaders. Intelligent leaders felt the punch of the deadline pressures and also people in their teams contributed less to creative ideas because of the leaders babbling tendency. Intelligent leaders could end up being upset and could also overreact to small things, negatively-affecting other team members too. Stress can be transferred from one person to the other if a stressed-out person is unable to handle it.

Free Government Grants

For those who need financial help for any reason, be it education, business, housing, and so on, the federal government has made a provision of a number of grants. These are for individuals as well for organizations. You have to choose which one you need and apply for it accordingly. Free government grants are basically a financial helping hand extended to you by the government, albeit with some obligations. If these obligations are not fulfilled, you may be in a bit of a trouble. But that is another issue altogether.

Applying for Free Government Grants Online

With the Internet being an extremely convenient and easy method of any kind of transaction, it makes a lot of sense to apply for a grant online.

Point #1
The first thing you would need to do is to log in on the website ( There you would be able to find all the information you want about the different types of grants available and the eligibility criteria for that. Check them out and see if you want to apply for free government loans or apply for free personal grants. Select the one which you think is the best for you. For example, government grants for small business may be of interest to you.

Point #2
Now, have you selected the grant? Great. Just take down the ‘Opportunity Number’ of the grant you want to apply for. This number is very important for all your transactions pertaining to the process.

Point #3
With the number taken, we move on to the next step, that is to register with, the official website. Without registering, you would not be able to apply. For starting the registration process, just feed in the opportunity number in the box given.

Point #4
Once you feed in the opportunity number, you would be directed to an eAuthentication site for verification of identity and digital signature. What you have to do next is give in the required details. The details will the routine―name, address, birth date, email, and phone number. Once you are done with it and the information is accepted, you would be asked to create a username and password. The password has to be 8 characters long, having one special character, one upper case letter and a number. Level 1 credentials to apply for free government loans or grants.

Point #5
Get out of that site and again log on to, with the help of your new password and username. Again, you may need to fill in some more details. The procedure is the same whether you want to apply for free college or student grants.